Crossover:   This can occur without noticing while introducing the Furlow or dilating.  One can suspect crossover if the measurements are not equal on the right or left corpora.  This can occur anatomically since the septum between the two corpora are incomplete.   

Crossover can occur both proximately and distally. 



Please note fingers are touching tip of implant.  

In this illustrated case a distal crossover was not diagnosed intraoperatively.  This patient has a right to left distal crossover pushing the left cylinder out of the corpora.  This patient wound up having a deformed penis with Gland hypermobility and pain.  He will require revision of the implant.

Illustration of proximal crossover. Notice left cylinder crossed over to the right.



When one detects crosover the solution is to insert a large Hagar dilator into the corpora you crossed over too and the re-dilate the other side.  The Hagar will not allow the side crossing over to pass again allow normal dilation of the crossing side.  This way the cylinders will again be in their anatomically proper position.




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